Awards and Qualifications


Belinda Fabian receiving her Excellence in Sessional Teaching award from Barabara Messerle, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Faculty of Science and Engineering Excellence in Sessional Teaching Award, 2018
For going above and beyond the expectations of a sessional teacher. I co-developed a valuable mini-research project to give students a realistic research experience in BIOL229 Comparative Physiology and presented on building a digital profile & professional social media use in BIOL391 Biology Capstone.

Application for Advance Higher Education (HE) Fellowship, June 2019. This internationally recognised program is a formal recognition scheme for professional practice in higher education teaching and learning support. Fellowships are awarded to individuals for their teaching and learning support experience, accomplishments and practice.

Unit development


IMG_3137 (1)

Comparative Physiology students presenting their research project ideas.

2019: Big Data Analysis & Synthetic Biology CBMS836 – Masters unit with ~70 students. Designed and taught a multi-week ‘Introduction to the Tidyverse’ R workshop to  postgraduate students with no prior coding experience – included designing the workshop to fit within a pre-determined unit structure and assessment schedule (soil microbiome sequencing data analysis and poster presentation), preparing the code and materials for lesson (students downloaded and followed along) and delivery of the workshop with live coding.


2018: Comparative Physiology BIOL229 – co-badged 2nd year & Masters unit. Co-developed a mini-research project assessment to give students a realistic research experience.


2017-2019: Biology Capstone BIOL391 – 3rd-year unit
Tutor for 2-hour classes designed to prepare students to be successful in job applications after graduation and provide them with the necessary skills for succeeding in the workplace
Marking – presentations, job application portfolios, mock interviews, videos (vlogs), grant applications (including outreach activities)

2017-2019: Comparative Physiology BIOL229 – co-badged 2nd year & Masters unit
Unit administration – includes preparation of the unit guide for internal and external students, set up and administration of the unit webpage using iLearn (Moodle system), and setting up online quizzes and Turnitin assignment links.
Demonstrator for 2.5-hour practical classes, including preparing slides, explaining practical exercises and theoretical background, supervising class of 32 students, interpreting experimental results and explaining the significance of the results.
Marking – mid-semester test, report on physiological process (using Turnitin Studio) and final exam (short and long answer questions).

2015-2019: Molecular Biology and Genomics CBMS336 – 3rd-year unit.
Senior marker for four scientific journal articles (based on practical work) using Turnitin Studio. I developed the resources used by the tutors for marking, such as the rubric and a marking guide. Each year I train the markers in the use of Turnitin Quickmarks and comments for marking as well as allocate the submissions to markers and compile the marking spreadsheets. After marking is completed, I manage student enquiries about their grades and provide additional feedback to assist the students.


Resources used in plant biology teaching.

2016 & 2015: Plant Structure and Function BIOL210 – co-badged 2nd year & Masters unit
Demonstrator for three hour practical classes, including preparing and presenting the theoretical background, explaining practical exercises, supervising three classes of 30 students, interpreting experimental results and explaining the significance of the results.
Marking – weekly paper-based quizzes and final exam long answer questions.

2016: Human Biology BIOL108 – 1st year unit with enrollment of 1000 students.
Marking three assignments using Turnitin grading facility.


Screenshot at Jan 29 13-05-462017: Biology Capstone unit – 3rd-year unit
Guest lecture on use of social media as scientists and for communicating science to the public.

2016: Plant Structure & Function – 2nd-year unit
Guest lecture about Masters of Research project on extrafloral nectaries.

Screenshot at Jan 29 13-06-12

2015: Evolution and Biodiversity – 1st-year unit
Guest lecture about postgraduate student experience and Masters of Research project on extrafloral nectaries.


Anonymous student feedback

“She was very clear in her explanations and instructions. I felt that I was prepared for labs after her discussions.”

“You could tell she was passionate about what she taught and it helped motivate me throughout the unit.”

“The teacher had a good background with the material, she explained clearly and created [a] good atmosphere in the lab.”

“She kept class interesting and made me want to come to lab and learn.”

“Asked many questions [of] us in regards to lectures to test our knowledge, rather than telling us all the info straight away.”

“By far one of my favourite tutors.”