Publications and projects

In preparation

3.  Fabian BK, Atwell BJ and Hughes, L. Response of Australian native wild cotton (Gossypium sturtianum; Malvaceae) extrafloral nectar to elevated carbon dioxide.

2.Fabian BK, Hughes, L and Atwell BJ. Extrafloral nectary anatomy and carbon metabolism of Australian native wild cottons (Gossypium spp.; Malvaceae).



1. Fabian, BK (2015) Functional analysis of extrafloral nectaries and nectar of Australian native wild cottons. MRes thesis. Macquarie University. Available at



2017-2019: Genetic factors influencing biocontrol bacteria colonisation of plant surfaces
PhD supervisors: Professor Ian Paulsen and Dr Sasha Tetu

2016: Germination of Australian native wild cotton seeds
Collaborators: Professor Brian Atwell, Aaron Phillips, Rebecca Powderly and Billie Steele from the Functional Plant Biology Lab

2014-2015: Isolation and analysis of the microbial communities of marine invertebrates
Collaborators: Dr Deepa Varkey and Dr Martin Ostrowski from the Paulsen Microbiology Lab

2013-2016: Examining the morphology of Eucalypt xylem vessels using microtomy and microscopy
Collaborators: Professor Brian Atwell and Professor Belinda Medlyn