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Fabian BK, Foster C, Asher AJ, Elbourne LDH, Hassan KA, Tetu SG and Paulsen IT (2020). Elucidating essential genes in plant-associated Pseudomonas protegens Pf-5 using transposon insertion sequencing. bioRxiv.  doi:10.1101/2020.07.16.205906.

Fabian BK, Tetu SG, and Paulsen IT (2020). Application of transposon insertion sequencing to agricultural science. Frontiers in Plant Science. doi:10.3389/FPLS.2020.00291.

Fabian B, Atwell BJ and Hughes, L (2018) Response of extrafloral nectar production to elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide. Australian Journal of Botany. doi: 10.1071/BT18012

In preparation

Fabian BK, Hughes, L and Atwell BJ. Extrafloral nectary anatomy and carbon metabolism of Australian native wild cottons (Gossypium spp.; Malvaceae).

Masters of Research Thesis

Fabian, BK (2015) Functional analysis of extrafloral nectaries and nectar of Australian native wild cottons. MRes thesis. Macquarie University. Available at


2017-2020: Genetic factors influencing biocontrol bacteria colonisation of plant surfaces
PhD supervisors: Professor Ian Paulsen and Dr Sasha Tetu

2016: Germination of Australian native wild cotton seeds – establishing a range of methods for germinating stubborn seeds of some wild cottons
Collaborators: Professor Brian Atwell, Aaron Phillips, Rebecca Powderly and Billie Steele from the Functional Plant Biology Lab

2014-2015: Functional analysis of extrafloral nectaries of Australian native wild cottons
–  examined the morphology and anatomy of extrafloral nectaries of four species of wild cotton using light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and histochemistry to shed light on how extrafloral nectar is produced
– analysed the composition of extrafloral nectar and phloem sap of wild cottons
– used 14CO2 labelling to investigate the fixation, storage and secretion of carbon in extrafloral nectar and calculate the carbon cost of extrafloral nectar production
– examined the response of extrafloral nectar composition and production to elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide
MRes supervisors: Professor Brian Atwell and Distinguished Professor Lesley Hughes

2014-2015: Isolation and analysis of the microbial communities of marine invertebrates
Collaborators: Dr Deepa Varkey and Dr Martin Ostrowski from the Paulsen Microbiology Lab

2013: Examining the morphology of Eucalypt xylem vessels using microtomy and microscopy
Collaborators: Professor Brian Atwell and Professor Belinda Medlyn